faiz ahmed faiz poem

Faiz ahmed faiz poem: Hum Dekhenge controversy

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poem “Hum dekhenge lyrics rekhta” Recently this poem was sung by the Jamia millia students including IIT-Kanpur during protest, which was written this poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz who was the marxist poet in 1979 and it was first published in 1981. As part of the protest, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in support of the students of Jamia Milallia islamia.

The incident came under the hood of Nazm controversies on December 17, 2019, to encourage the students of Jamia to sing Dikhenge Nazam.As Explains IIT-Kanpur
The deputy director said that if there was any “presumed mischief” during the protest on the premises the inquiry committee would investigate for Nationalism

The controversy over the Hum dekhenge poem also occurred because the Jamia students were opposing the “CAA” Citizenship amendmentAct.

Inqilaab Zindabad’.

Lazim hai ki hum bhi faiz ahmed faiz poemDekhenge

Faiz ahmed faiz poem

Faiz ahmed faiz poem “Hum Dekhenge”Is So Ruckus but why

When I define hum dekhenge nazam, it seems that it is against Hindutva & “anti-hindu”but how far the imagery of poet or Shayar can be taken depends on the language and understanding of the reading or listener and that is why on this poem “Hum dekhenge”Doing so much politics.

faiz ahmad faiz hum dekhenge CAA Protest video

faiz ahmed faiz poem hum dekhnge my choise explanation source

Jab arze khuda ke kabe se
Sab but uthvae jaenge

Faiz ahmed faiz poem Hum dekhenge

In 1985, under the rule of General Ziaul, who is called the Tana Shah of Pakistan, he prohibited women from wearing saris during their rule and was also prohibited from wearing black clothes, due to these restrictions, the famous Pakistani singer Iqbal Bano Wearing a black sari in a large crowd of 50000 in Lahore Stadium presented this look, due to which inqelab zindabad slogans started echoing all over the crowd. This insident is directly Narrate and relate with Jamia millia univercity students protest but what is menaing of thees lines.

Bas nam rahega “ALLAH” ka
jo ghaeb bhi hai hazir bhi hai
jomanzar bhi hai nazir bhi
utthega anal haq ka naarra
jo mai bhi hun aur tum bhi ho
aur raj karegi Khalq-e-KHUDA
jo mai bhi hin aur tum bhi ho
Iqbal Bano.

faiz revolutionary poetry “Hum Dekhenge”

When from Arba-e-Khuda’s Kaaba
All fetish will be lifted
Hum Ahl-e-Safa Mardud-e-Haram
Will be set up
All crowns will be tossed
All plank will be dropped

Allah’s name will remain
What is missing is also present
Who is also dead
Uttega An-Al-Haq’s slogan
Whoever i am and you are
And the secret will be Khulk-e-Khuda
Whoever i am and you are

The truth of the slogan will be echoed and the crowns of the liars will be taken off and the name of “fakeGod” dropped. In this line, “But” which is compared with the dectator but its direct reference to dictators who are barbaric. Impose his commands on the public.

Whoever I am and you are also, the line has been used twice by the poet, but it means different two times, in the first line, the poet has also been me and you are also told to ask to be alive and in the second time of Said the builder of world, whose creation is acceptable, in which I am also and you are also going to rule.

ham mahkumon ke panv tale

jab dharti dhad-dhad dhadkegi

aur ahl-e-hakam ke sar upar

jab bijli kad-kad kadkegi

faiz ahmed faiz poem rekhta

As per the rumor Nazm Hum dekhenge, is being called “anti-Hindu” under the plan to spoil the Indian Democracyit is relate with pakistan revolution against “Tanasahi” and shayar Faiz was marxism, communalism and democratical urdu poet.

hum dekhenge rekhta

Original titleویبقی و جہ ر بکWritten1979First published in1981Lines21 Hum Dekhenge is a popular Urdu nazm, written by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Originally written as Va Yabqá Vajhu Rabbika, it was included in the seventh poetry book of Faiz – Mere Dil Mere Musafir.

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faiz ahmed faiz hum dekhenge in hindi

hum dekhenge lyrics meaning in hindi

हम देखेंगे
लाज़िम है कि हम भी देखेंगे
वो दिन कि जिसका वादा है
जो लोह-ए-अज़ल[1] में लिखा है
जब ज़ुल्म-ओ-सितम के कोह-ए-गरां [2]
रुई की तरह उड़ जाएँगे
हम महकूमों[3] के पाँव तले
ये धरती धड़-धड़ धड़केगी
और अहल-ए-हकम[4] के सर ऊपर
जब बिजली कड़-कड़ कड़केगी
जब अर्ज-ए-ख़ुदा के काबे से
सब बुत[5] उठवाए जाएँगे
हम अहल-ए-सफ़ा[6], मरदूद-ए-हरम[7]
मसनद पे बिठाए जाएँगे
सब ताज उछाले जाएँगे
सब तख़्त गिराए जाएँगे

बस नाम रहेगा अल्लाह[8] का
जो ग़ायब भी है हाज़िर भी
जो मंज़र[9] भी है नाज़िर[10] भी
उट्ठेगा अन-अल-हक़[11] का नारा
जो मैं भी हूँ और तुम भी हो
और राज़ करेगी खुल्क-ए-ख़ुदा[12]
जो मैं भी हूँ और तुम भी हो

1-विधि के विधान

2-घने पहाड़

3-रियाया या शासित


5-सत्ताधारियों के प्रतीक पुतले

6-साफ़ सुथरे लोग

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10-देखने वाला

11-मैं ही सत्य हूँ यानी जनता

Source”Shabd Kosh”

The true subject faiz ahmad faiz biography

faiz Ahmad faiz’s birth place Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s parents in the contemporaneous India, Sialkot, near Lahore, on 13 February 1911, were of orthodox ideology and thus acquired religious education in Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi training. Which also included the memorized education of Qran Majeed.

After religious education was followed by the scattish mission school and Lahour Univercity and first M.A. in 1933 English and then in 1934 from Arbi language. After completing his education join M.A.O collage and started working in Amritsar as a Lacturar.

faiz ahmed faiz wife was a socialist her name “Alys George” as English socialist woman and assumed the post of Colonel while serving in the British Indian Army in Delhi and returned to Lahore after resigning from the post due to the partition of India and Pakistan.

What is Faiz?

“Faiz” (Arabic: فائز‎) is The name of the men in Arabic language and its means is “successful” and “victorious” in English, Faiz is called “successful” or winning in urdu language, The effect of his name and all the qualities are seen in Faiz ahmed faiz poem.

Why was Faiz jailed?

During this period of 1942 to 1947, he was arrested as an alleged part of the conspiracy to overthrow the 1951 Liyaqat ali khan administration and replace it with the Left government. Faiz ahmed faiz was also included in the conspiracy to overthrow the government and due to being a criminal he spent 1941 to 1944 in jail.

Which Pakistani poet got Lenin?

Faiz holds the status of urdu poet in the Marxist category because of fellow Marxist Sajjad Zaheer. And thats why Faiz chose his wife as a communist too.
Faiz believed in Internationalism and emphasised the philosophy on Globalisation.

Faiz ahmed faiz is a poet credited with receiving the Lenin Award Faiz was also nominated for the Nobel Prize. Traveling to Algiria, Europe, and the Middle East, Urdu Shayari took a different stand, he promoted the poetry of communist ideology, preferring the preferred choice poetry and praising the works of Faiz ahmed faiz by the Soviet Union in1962 Faiz awarded the Lenin peace Award by soviet Union.

When did Faiz Ahmed Faiz die?

Faiz was Died 20th of November 1984 (aged 73) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, he was Occupation poet and journalist.

faiz ahmed faiz poetry pdf

Gulon me rang bhare bade nau bhar chale
Chale bhi aao ke phulon ka karobar chal,e

faiz ahmad faiz two line shayari

Inn Mein Lahu Jala Ho Humara Ki Jaan-o-Dil,
Mehfil Mein Kuchh Chiraag Farozaan Huye Toh Hain.
इन में लहू जला हो हमारा कि जान ओ दिल,
महफ़िल में कुछ चराग़ फ़रोज़ाँ हुए तो हैं।

Phir Najar Mein Phool Maheke Dil Phir Shamayein Jalin,
Phir Tasawwur Ne Liya Uss Bazm Mein Jaane Ka Naam.
फिर नज़र में फूल महके दिल में फिर शम्में जलीं,
फिर तसव्वुर ने लिया उस बज़्म में जाने का नाम।

Woh Baat Saare Fasaane Mein Jiska Zikr Na Tha,
Woh Baat Unko Bahut Na-Gawaar Gujri Hai.
वो बात सारे फ़साने में जिस का ज़िक्र न था,
वो बात उन को बहुत ना-गवार गुज़री है।

Ab Apna Ikhtiyaar Hai Chaahe Jahan Chalein,
Rahbar Se Apni Raah Juda Kar Chuke Hain Hum.
अब अपना इख़्तियार है चाहे जहाँ चलें,
रहबर से अपनी राह जुदा कर चुके हैं हम।Advertisement

Dil Se To Har Moaamla Kar Ke Chale The Saaf Hum,
Kahne Mein Unke Saamne Baat Badal Badal Gayi.
दिल से तो हर मोआमला कर के चले थे साफ़ हम,
कहने में उन के सामने बात बदल बदल गई।

Gham-e-Jahan Ho Rukh-e-Yaar Ho Ki Dast-e-Adu,
Sulook Jis Se Kiya Hum Ne Aashiqana Kiya.
ग़म-ए-जहाँ हो रुख़-ए-यार हो कि दस्त-ए-अदू,
सुलूक जिस से किया हम ने आशिक़ाना किया।

Be-Dam Huye Beemar Davaa Kyun Nahi Dete,
Tum Achhe Maseeha Ho Shifa Kyun Nahi Dete.
बे-दम हुए बीमार दवा क्यूँ नहीं देते,
तुम अच्छे मसीहा हो शिफ़ा क्यूँ नहीं देते।

Zindgi Kya Kisi Muflis Ki Qabaa Hai Jis Mein,
Har Ghadi Dard Ke Paiband Lage Jaate Hain.
ज़िंदगी क्या किसी मुफ़लिस की क़बा है जिस में,
हर घड़ी दर्द के पैवंद लगे जाते हैं।

Teri Aamad Se Ghat Ti Umr Jahan Mein Sab Ki,
Faiz Ne Likhi Hai Ye Nazm Nirale Dhab Ki.
तेरी आमद से घटती उम्र जहाँ में सब की,
फैज़ ने लिखी है यह नज़्म अनूठे ढब की।

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