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Welcome to Is the second Largest Urdu Shayari website where available Urdu in Hindi and Roman script of Urdu poet. I want to make my website a social, economic, political and religious community and society in poetry, and I want to discuss with my modern community why it is to build a side effect for the work of society through modern culture and traditions. has established a free website with the Ghazal, Nazm, Sher of Urdu literature, Urdu Poetry to an audience beyond those conversant with the Urdu script.

कहते है मीर नाम के गुजरे थे एक फ़कीर 
हम लोग भी मुरीद उसी सिलसिले के हैं 

کہتے ہیں میر نام کے گذرے   تھے ایک فکیر 
      ہم لوگ بھی مرید اسے سلسلے کے ہیں 

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